My Shabby Chic Laptop

Not really.

But it IS white.

And perfect.

It arrived this morning as a gift to our family
from my husband’s awesome mother and sisters.

I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am!

My old Gateway laptop was such a trooper
but it acquired some “kinks” along the way
after being dropped a few times, old age, etc.


In order to type a “K”, I had to copy and paste one.

In order to type an “L”, I had to type a “j” first
and go back and delete it.

it was sooooo sloooooow.

My blog productivity will increase 20 fold now.

{sigh of happiness}

I can write blog posts and respond to emails 
in lightning speed
because I no longer need to play the
copy/paste/delete game to write a few sentences.

most important of all…

I get to iChat with my Annapolis & Myrtle Beach in-laws
and “watch” my little nieces and nephews grow up.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

If you have any blogging on a Mac tips,
I’d love to hear them!

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FYI…Upcoming projects:
Desk/Hutch refinish
French Country chair refinish
Ottoman slipcover
Winter lavender tree
Beadboard installation
Gorgeous Damask wall stenciling
Frou Frou Storage Boxes
…and whatever else I decide to work on.

They are in no particular order
and my 7-year-old is on Winter break until January 2
but I’ll be working on them every spare minute that I can find.
Due to “scraper” websites that earn revenue by scraping feeds (like an automatic copy & paste) and stealing the creative content of others, I can no longer provide FULL blog posts via email subscriptions. I apologize that you now see a partial post and have to click over to my blog for the rest. I try to create lovely and original content so I appreciate your understanding. If you don’t, I am sorry to see you leave and thank you for being a part of my journey while you were subscribed. {Jami}


  1. I am so excited for you!!

  2. michelle says:

    Oh I am so happy for you! What a pain that must have been! Enjoy and I can’t wait to see all your projects!

  3. Rachel says:

    ~*~*Yay Jami!!;) I am sooo happy for you!*!I would LOVE one of those!! HUGS,Rachel~*~*~

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  4. Megan says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! that is SO awesome! and so GENEROUS of your family. :)

    my old gateway lappy died a long slow death as well. lol.

  5. Lisa says:

    I’m a new fan of Freckled Laundry!

    Looking forward to future posts and the refinish of the hutch. :)

    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Hooray for you! So glad we will hear from you more often. I’m looking forward to those projects of yours!


  7. hooray!!! so exciting!
    hey, just wanted to let you know that I have a great giveaway on my blog feel free to enter! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. You SO deserve it!! I know you’ll be loving it. Sorry I don’t know diddly about MAC.
    have fun,

  9. Woo Hoo! What a wonderful gift from your MIL and SILs! I had no idea you had to do all of that just to type a few sentences. I think I would have given up long ago… you’re a trooper! Have fun with you new toy! Can’t wait to see all of those fab projects when you get them done!
    Have a happy New Year!
    See ya in 2011!
    Jo :)

  10. You are going to love, love, love having a new laptop. They are just so handy (when they work) :). My bro has the exact one you got and raves about it all the time. Yay!


  11. SHERRY HART says:

    You will love your Mac….I was converted about 4 years ago. It is a great computer. Congratulations.

  12. Thats a very nice gift! I know you will love it, my son raves about his. Enjoy!

  13. KristieJane says:

    Im on my husbands new MAC now & im still trying to figure it out. I do love that it saves your documents as you go so you can not lose posts. Merry christmas

  14. Watch out world, here she comes!
    I can’t even begin to imagine how you created this most gorgeous of blogs with all of those impediments!?!
    What you will be able to do now, is a little mind-boggling!

    I’m sure you will love your Mac [my little Sophia Mac has been with me for almost 4 years now and I LOVE her!].

    Looking forward to seeing all of your projects unveiled,

    Felicity x

  15. Jami – you must have the patience of Job, girlie. ALL of that just to type a few letters? Oh my gosh! lol! I’m so happy about your new Mac! Woo hooooo!!!! And looking forward to learning more from you with your projects! :)

    xoxo laurie

  16. Paula says:

    Excited for you -this really is the best present a lovely blogger who needs new hardware could get! And Mac really does rock!

  17. Ninny says:

    Macs are awesome!!! I have had my little white macbook for three years now and it’s still my baby. Have blogged from day one with it. Love it, and it’s so easy. No tips to share, because it’s so easy!


  18. Clara says:

    Lucky you!

  19. Yippee!

    The world of MAC is thee best! It will take some getting used to. Especially when coming from a pc. Just remember drag and drop. It saves you loads of time!


  20. Erin says:

    What a fantabulous Christmas present, Jami! I have no experience with Macs but I can say when I finally got a new HP laptop last fall (after using the same Dell for 5+ years), I was amazed at how blazing fast it was compared to the Dell. You are going to love it! Oh, and I can’t wait to see more on upcoming projects! I’ve had no motivation lately (Christmas burnout?) but have a few ideas brewing that I hope to get started on once little boy returns to preschool next week. Take care!


  21. Holly says:

    Great gift! Merry Christmas! I have a MacBookPro…but I have no tips (been on it 1+ years)…we don’t get along very well…but I have never taken the time to “date” him properly either. Everyone says they are the best…have fun getting to know each other!

  22. Great Gift! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  23. Great Gift! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  24. Allison says:

    What a wonderful and generous gift! You’ll have fun with it. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Jami!

  25. Jami…What a great Christmas gift!
    It sounds like you were in dire straights with your old one. Your project list looks intriguing and fun. I’ll be following…Happy New Year!*L*

  26. May your New Year be filled with many Blessings and abundances of Joy for 2011. From my mountain to yours, Until next year
    Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria

  27. Congrats, this is so exciting!
    And I can totally relate to your “K” problem – my “N” key is getting a bit temperamental :)

  28. Jenni says:

    Hi Jami~

    That is such an awesome gift! I can completely relate to older laptops! I love having mine, but it also has some funny quirks…Your new laptop looks wonderful, and it will definitely make things easier for you now! :)

    Your project list looks so fun! I am excited to see your winter lavender tree! I am doing a damask stenciling this winter, too, in my room…the last time I stenciled a wall was about ten years ago, so I’m a bit nervous…

    Well, I hope you are doing well, and having a fun week! :)


  29. Amanda says:

    Did a Magic Mouse come with your new laptop? If it didn’t get one, you will love it!

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