{Air Your Laundry Friday} Link Party #6

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And now, back to business.

Oh, man! 

There were 35 cool & creative links last week
and I am on inspiration overload here.

I can’t thank you all enough for joining
my party every week.

Everything is back on schedule after hitting  the pause button for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here are my freckled favorites for the week.
Have I told you that I hate choosing?

Sarah at Modern Country Style made these easy & adorable vintage style votive holders.

Emily at The Wicker House made this cute burlap candy sacks to gift to friends & neighbors and shares her easy tutorial.

You could even use hot glue to diddy up the sides for a new sew version!

I fell in love with Maple & Magnolia’s
NO-SEW Chair Back slips (with tutorial)…

 …and a beautiful version of a 
Pottery Barn advent calendar.

Speaking of Advent calendars,
Donna at Rosebud & Bluebells shares her tutorial on a nearly identical version of 
a calendar that she saw in magazine.

Another sweet advent calendar from 
Charlie at Attempting Aloha

I {love} the simplicity of this NO SEW scarf.
It’s seriously the cutest 5 minute Christmas present & Tracie at Cleverly Inspired gave us a tutorial.

I am completely in awe of this new glazed, twisted t-shirt technique that I discovered at Summerland Cottage.
So many ideas spinning ’round my head.

 Thank you, Paulette!

Michele at {PRIMP} linked up “another chair”
which just happens to be b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u..l.

 Check out her cool technique for making the postage stamp.

And, last but certainly not least…

Becky at Sweet Bee Hollow has completely stolen my heart with this upcycled DENIM quilt!
[insert angels singing in unison]

  It is a gorgeous labor of love and I adore 
of it.
I don’t have the attention span to quilt,
but if I did, you know what I’d be makin’.

Thank you all for your lovely projects.

Link em’ up!

1. Please link up TEXTILE projects and inspiration only.(As long at is uses a textile in some way, it’s linkable.)

Definition of textile [tex·tile]

            1: cloth; especially a woven or knit cloth              
            2: a fiber, filament, or yarn used in making cloth

2. Please be courteous & add my button or text link to your post. 
 {thank you}

3. Please link to your actual post, not your blog in general.

4. Please be sweet and visit at least a couple other links.

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  1. Tina says:

    Hi Jami, thank you for hosting such a great Linky party. Wishing you a wonderful weekend as always. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  2. Becky says:

    Okay, so you how it feels when you fall in love…those little butterflies in your tummy? That’s is just what I felt when I saw my quilt on your site! Thanks Friend for the feature. I tried to make the advent calendar with the pockets but I am 4 pockets short. Maybe next year when the kiddos have grown a bit. Who am I kidding It wouldn’t be ready until next year anyway.
    Thanks again hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Hiya Jami, how are you? I finally got around to linking up a project to your party, thanks for hosting!

    xx Karen

  4. Aaah, Jami, thanks so much for featuring my Vintage Style Candle Jars. Very excited to be up there!

    Hope you have the most wonderful weekend.


  5. Catherine says:

    Hey Jami

    Love all of these!! Woo hooooo!! You sure are going to be in melt down mode with all the seasonal inspiration – I am just hopping crazy with what to do next.

    Now I have linked up my ornament…it uses red velvet ribbon – is that a stretch for the textile side of it :-)



  6. Nancy says:

    I can see how it would be so hard to choose, even just a few favorites. That quilt is darling!


  7. Thanks for featuring my chair backs & advent calendar. I love getting inspiration from all the wonderful projects at your parties! Seriously talented ladies! Enjoy your weekend.


  8. Thanks for featuring my chair backs & advent calendar. I love getting inspiration from all the wonderful projects at your parties! Seriously talented ladies! Enjoy your weekend.


  9. Holly says:

    Great projects…and more to look at! I thought of you when I made my denim angels!

  10. Thank you Jami,

    I’m thrilled and grateful to be part of your inspired blog!
    Enjoy your cruise…

  11. Megan says:

    this is totally off topic with your post- but have you been to target lately? they have these t-shirts, ver by the cashmere sweaters, that have different embellishments on them. One is kind of an off white/cream colored shirt with frayed fabric flowers (say that 3 times fast!) on the bottom left of the shirt. anyway- it reminds me of you. well- your blog (since I havent met you in real life). Its soft and cotton and pretty- just made me think “oh! I bet Jami would wear this”.

    great… now I look like a stalker. ;) anyway- I tried to find a pic on their website and couldn’t. But I wanted to tell you about it. ok, now my mentally deranged self is going to play with my kids. :)


  12. Love the features! I linked up my mantel post because it features the stockings I stitched up this week. Hope that’s ok. I don’t have a separate post about the stockings….feel free to delete if it’s not appropriate :)

  13. Allison says:

    So many beautiful projects and so much talent out there. It’s fun to see what everybody comes up with. Wishing you a nice weekend, Jami.

  14. Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! I love your blog and I’m happy to be a new follower!

  15. Oh Jami, I’m so excited! I just realized I could join your party :-)
    Sorry I’m a little late.

  16. Jami, I always love to visit here for all the fabulous inspiration. I want to thank you for your sweet email!

  17. Anonymous says:


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