Wild Rose & Co.

Hi, sweets.
Hope you all had a wonderful
Halloween weekend.
I spent the holiday in Annapolis, MD
(my favorite city on the East coast)
and while there,
I took a little road trip
 to deliver my first (and hopefully not the last) batch of shoes!

I’ll post pictures of the shoes tomorrow
but wanted to share the deliciousness
of this vintage & antique marketplace with you.
It is such a quaint, little shop
where talent abounds
and I wanted to take everything home with me.

But, I couldn’t.
Packing a family of five and weekend gear
into a Volkswagen Jetta meant
that whatever I bought had to be
smooshable, crammable, and jammable.
(How do ya like them apples, Miriam Webster?) 

I was met out front by this
beautiful, blue gray pumpkin
(among other things).

 I had never seen such a thing.
Have you?
It is a real, rare “Blue Pumpkin.”
It looked as if it were painted with water colors 
with the speckled texture and shadowing.
(I know someone who’s going to search for these pumpkin seeds next year.)

To the left of the pumpkin,
was Miss Mustard Seed’s sign,
painted on a section of an old door.

She’s so clever.

This heavenly shop was filled with gorgeous, painted furniture
but I apparently got so caught up in photographing
the adorable vignettes and details on the pieces,
that I have but a few photos of an entire piece of furniture.

Either way, you should not be disappointed…

This blue gray chair was perfectly painted and glazed.
(There was actually a set of four.)

 I thought this embellished, vintage clipboard was darling.

Another one of Marian’s gorgeous handmade canvas banners…

I regret not buying this blue gray set from Holland.
I may need to check on having it shipped.

This mirror had sheet music peeking from behind the glass.
I need a tutorial on this because it was so pretty.

Marian’s sheet music wreaths are even more beautiful up close.
I loved this two tone wreath.

Although I missed Marian on this visit,
I met the darling Kim of Serendipity
(one of the six talented girls at Wild Rose & Co.).

Her English (I think) accent added the sweetest,
comforting note to my visit.

One of her lovely bags came home with me.

I had a blissful, little Halloween visit 
and afterward, I took
a witch,
a mummy,
and a vampire
trick or treating.
I would show you a picture
of my little ghouls
but the costumes brought out their inner monsters.
Hopefully someone got a great picture for their scrapbooks because I certainly did not. 

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a picture of all three of my children facing the camera.
Not two looking and one screaming his or her head off.
Not one sitting and two taking off.
It would be really great if they all did something cute like this.
All three. At once.
You get the point.

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  1. What a treasure-trove!

    In Queensland [the state of Australia in which I live] we have a variety of pumpkin called the Queensland Blue and it is a truly beautiful blue-grey [and some would say, delicious] variety of pumpkin.

    Felicity x

  2. Jami, I saw a tutorial posted today about how to “acid” a mirror. It’s from Vintage Revivals. http://vintagerevivals.blogspot.com/2010/11/anthropologie-acid-mirror.html

  3. ~*~*Such a lovely shop!! Cant wait for your little shoes to start selling!!! Hugs~ Rachel~*~*

  4. Oh, Jami — I love your style of writing, girl! Your blog is always so much fun and so interesting! That mirror is soooooo cool! Anxious to see what you find out about that technique! :)

    xoxo laurie

    PS and your little munchkin just adorable!

  5. What a great store this is. I adore Marian’s furniture and creations. Great trip, even with all the kiddos! Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

  6. Allison says:

    The store looks beautiful and I am so happy for your little shoes! I know they will do well. They are so precious and a true labor of love. Your daughter is a doll. Darling photo.

  7. That was fun tagging along with you to Marians store. She is one talented girl. I love the banners. I laughed at your santa letter! Yes I have been there…now they are all grown up and its hard to get them all at home to take a christmas picture together.

  8. Stephanie says:

    That pumpkin is so cool! Wow, I would love to have some of those. Yippee, your shoes are now in the store, that is exciting. The “Dear Santa” reminded me of that commercial they have on tv right now about that same situation. The mom uses some software program, dream, or cloud I can’t remember what it is called. You just crop the heads shots and puts it all into one photo. Just what you need!

  9. Becky says:

    I am so jealous you got to see those wreaths up close. Everything looks so beautiful.
    I just read your comment on Miss Mustard Seed’s post about “The Change” I loved your shiny the sink comment- I am a fly lady drop out!! I have a very high tolerance for messiness, my bedroom is so messy right now my husband laughed and said it is the worst he has ever seen it in 10 years of marriage!! I think I will go set the timer for 15 minutes and start at the door and see how far I get in :)
    Some of the best photos of my kids are those when they are just being themselves, tackling each other and laughing on the ground.
    Thanks for the great posts!

  10. Jenni says:

    Hi there Jami! I love this post on the little shop in Annapolis! Marian’s section of the shop looks amazing, and that front entrance would beckon anyone in! :)

    When we lived in Maryland, Annapolis was our favorite place to go! We loved spending our anniversary there, eating out, looking at all the shops, eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…someday I want to go back and visit! AND I will be sure to go to this shop…I wonder if I went there? It was ten years ago that we moved away, and I can’t remember! :)

    I hope you are having a good week!

  11. Anji Johnston says:

    What a great post – love reading your blog, you are a natural! The store looks wonderful. I didn’t realize that Miss Mustard Seed was so close to where I live (well, sort of). Do you live in Maryland?
    And as for your dear Santa plea – 10 more years I’m afraid!! Have a great week

  12. Tricia - A Rosy Note says:

    What a pretty store. I’m sure your shoes will do great. That photo of your little one looks mighty cute :)

  13. Lots of lovely things! I particularly like the vintage scales – one of my obsessions at the moment. Wish I lived in same continent as this store – its a bit of a trek for me to get there from Italy!

  14. Thanks for the tour Jami, looks right up your alley!! I love the bags you showed, they are gorgeous! How cool is it that a visitor there will be showing pics to their friends and your shoes will be in the shot??? And they will sell because they are so adorable and so lovely…

  15. Make sure to come back again soon! The shop has been decorated for Christmas and it’s looking GREAT!! Glad you enjoyed your trip! :)

    Wendy and Lindsay
    Beans and Buttons

  16. Imagine, other people will go in there now and take photos of YOUR shoes!

    It looks like one of those shops where I could stand and poke around for hours!

    ‘English….you think?!’ I’m TERRIBLE with accents! I always get them muddled up!

  17. What a sweet post! I love your comments about your wee ones. I bet in years to come, you’ll love the pictures of them all scattered about. It’s just precious. I can’t wait to see your little shoes on display also.

    Enjoy a joyful day!! Carol

  18. Chris says:

    Oh, the eye candy! I’m totally and completely jealous. Best wishes for some fabulous sales…and a photo of all three babes at once. Maybe you need some type of bribery?

  19. I just found your lovely blog & look forward to following along with you through lifes many adventures!

  20. I just found your lovely blog & look forward to following along with you through lifes many adventures!

  21. Hi,
    I love, love, love your blog, it’s just beautiful!! I am now a follower and you are definitely going on my favorites list!
    So glad you found my blog and thank you so much for becoming a new follower, it is such a pleasure to meet you!
    Have a lovely day.

  22. Olive Cooper says:

    Jami, traveling with your kids is the joy in the journey and your santa wish is darling. That shop is fabulous. ♥O

  23. Karen says:

    I’ve been wanting to see Marian’s shop (along with her partners), thanks for taking us on a tour.
    I live in Southern California and will most probably not get a chance to visit.

    Note the blue pumpkins are pretty common in So. Cal. But then we’re sort of rebels, right?

    Such a sweet face—at least you got one great photo!
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  24. Erin says:

    Hi Jami,

    Ooh, that was a treat to tour Wild Rose & Co. with you! I’m on the east coast, so if I ever make it up to the Annapolis area, I will definitely be visiting after seeing your photos. So glad you had such a great weekend! :)


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