A beautiful life…

I have a beautiful life.

Beautiful babies.

Beautiful blog friends.
And, a beautiful, old window that now hangs
in my {hopefully} soon to be beautiful living room.
I removed the panes and gave it a dusting of white paint.
It’s hanging on the wall opposite my fireplace
and I plan on adding a hand painted quote inside of one of the panes
and dangling one of my handmade heart lavender sachets in another.
(Don’t want it to be too much though so I need to tinker.)
I have since placed my zinc nightstand beneath it
and a folding chair that will be painted white.
I have declared next week a “white out” here, at my blog
because so much furniture needs a paintin’.
 {Love} this iron ring detail.
Speaking of beautiful,
I was so excited to receive this darling
package in the mail…
…from Ruth at The Beautiful Life.


How sweet and simple is that packaging? 

I ordered a big, 1 lb. bar of lavender soap…
(My package smelled so lovely when I opened it!)
…and this chunky, charcoal gray towel.
It is so thick and beautiful and I have no intention of using it as a towel.
I’m thinking of upholstering a chair cushion with it.
  Oh wait. 
What’s is that tucked inside?

 It’s the Autumn issue of Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine!

I almost cried when I saw it.
This was a very sweet surprise from Ruth.

I have been coveting this magazine for months
but when you’re a single income family
with a dream that’s just unfolding,
it’s very easy to talk yourself out of purchasing a $32 magazine.
It’s not really a magazine though, in my opinion.
It’s much more like a book
and I hope it’s first in a collection of many more. 
I have enjoyed taking a few minutes each day to
sit in bed with a cup of coffee, reading it word for word
and admiring the breathtaking photographs.
I have learned a bit, too.
For instance,
every French inspired home needs a pair of angel wings.
I did not know that. Did you?

 Images from Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine
Although I don’t consider my home of the French style,
I have touches of French things
and must make a pair of angel wings now…
hopefully before Christmas.
They’d be so pretty hanging from a hook
on my newly painted fireplace. 
Maybe I can squeeze them in next week’s white out.
Anyhow, on to more beautiful.
The darling Rachel at *French Farmhouse 425*
is a finalist in the Better Homes & Gardens
weekly photo contest.
 Would you click over and vote for her?
Also, if you haven’t seen this slice
of absolute heaven, you must.
These photos are just a glimpse of the absolute beauty 
inside D. Reyne’s “Tinker House.”
She is currently hosting a beautiful giveaway, too. 
I think that’s enough of this beautifully long post.

If you missed yesterday’s post introducing my new vintage market, 

I’m beyond excited to have three new shoppes joining the market shortly.
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  1. Hi Jami!! You are SOOOO sweet! So glad you got a nice surprise for YOU in the package… I love surprises — who doesn’t? :)

    Your window frame is AWESOME!!! I need to come back here and spend like an hour on your blog!! SOOO much to look at!!

    Have a great weekend, friend! :)


  2. Heather says:

    The window is beautiful. I love browsing your blog evrything is soooo inspiring.
    Heather H

  3. Oh Jami I was so surprised to see your little note about voting for me..you are such a sweetheart! ;) I am sooo happy for you that you received that beautiful magazine too!! I know how it is..I have wanted that magazine for a long time, but like yourself could never order it..until I won one the other day!!! YIPPEE..lol.. Thanks again Jami for your friendship and support!! HUGS, Rachel ;)

  4. Your window is beautiful Jami. It was definitely worth the wait in the cold! What a wonderful gift too. I’d love to get a look at one of those magazine/book’s too. I’ve seen them all over blogland and they look beautiful. I wish Barnes and Noble carried them.

  5. Becky says:

    I love that you enjoy the little things and the chippy white things and the sweet smelling things. Every time I read your blog I get a big smile on my face from your cute “sweetie pie” greetings to the thoughtful email responses. Thanks friend for your wonderful posts!
    Hugs, Becky

  6. Catherine says:


    I am completely in excited suspense waiting for your living room reveal…a little peak here, and a little hint there…! I adore this frame and that little hook is just darling? Any plans to hang something pretty from it?

    As for the magazine…wow! What a beautiful surprise (Ruth, you rock!!). I am seriously going to have to track down a supplier here in Aus for a copy.



  7. Can’t wait to see how your window comes out and how you style it. I never heard of the angel wings in french homes…and you say you are going to turn out a pair!? How will you do that? Hmmmm that one has me stumped! Perhaps tulle glued to a coat hanger you have pushed and pulled and prodded into wings?? Can’t wait to see this one Jami!

  8. I just love love
    the window !!
    That is so cool !
    And I love the
    beautiful things
    that you got from
    The Beautiful Life ~


  9. I can totally see why you love that window!

  10. Love your window, Jami… can’t wait to see how you finish it off!
    Love the things you ordered from Ruth! That chunky towel will make a great pilllow cover! Thanks for the link… gonna go check it out…
    WOW… that little vintage window and door building is amazing!! LOVE IT!!! She decorated it just perfectly, too… sigh…
    Have a great day sweets!
    Jo :)

  11. Megan says:

    OH. MY. GAH! I <3 your window frame! its so absolutely perfect. seriously. amazing job. and totally worth standing in the projects freezing your pinkey toes off. :)

  12. michelle says:

    Love you window and what a great idea to hang pictures in it! So sweet! And what a lovely gift to surprise you with!

  13. Brenda Kula says:

    Oh Jami, you are so cute I sometimes wish I could give you a big old Texas hug and just squeeze you. I love that towel. I can’t believe she put that magazine issue in there! I would have swooned. I’ve been wanting one. I LOVE your window. I can’t wait to see it all done up and Jami-fied!

  14. Good for you!!! ON all of it!!! The window looks fab and yes I love that ring detail, and that magazine from Ruth, so happy for ya!!! I appreciate the wing info, gives me an idea, hmmmm. Too, white out sounds like eye candy!!

  15. Oh I’m swooning over your window frame. It’s just lovely. Thanks for introducing such a gorgeous blog too.

  16. Emma Allen says:

    Love the “Tinker House”, you are right it is so dreamy….and the vintage window decor idea is amazing. Your blog is so inspirational! I am in the process of buying discount furniture and putting my own signature finish to it….it’s such a fun hobby! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Andrea - Faded Plains says:

    Isn’t Ruth the best…and I’m lovin’ your window frame.

  18. i just found your blog and i really love it! the gorgeous banner lasso’d me right in!!! your inspiring photos have made me want to redo my window frame and make a christmas display with it!!


  19. Stephanie says:

    I have never heard of that magazine..I hope you share more of what you read with us! It looks scrumptious. The window, to die for! Can’t wait to see the room all together.

  20. I do love old windows. That one is great with all the small frames. The gray striped towel will make a wonderful cushion cover. How sweet of her to include the magazine. I’m sure it is full of beautiful pictures.

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