3 more baby shoe designs & opinion please

Thank you all so much for your sweet words
about my baby shoe line.

Your words motivate me and just make me so darn happy.
I couldn’t ask for sweeter bloggin’ buddies.

Thought I’d share three new styles of shoes with you.
They will be added to my Etsy shop this week
but give me a shout if you’re interested a little sooner.
Materials: Upcycled Denim and white cotton striped seersucker, gray faux suede sole
Materials: Upcycled Denim, Heather Gray cotton Jersey, gray faux suede sole
(Looks adorable with the bow tilted to the front side of the shoe too.)
Materials: Antique linen, antique crochet/needlepoint lace, faux suede sole
This style is a limited edition shoe. 
I have enough materials left to make one more pair up to a size 2. 
I’ve had so much fun designing these lil’ shoes
and I have a few more designs that I’m working on
I was giggling today thinking that I could possibly add “fashion designer” to the list, right?
I love it!
…One is a “Make-A-Wish” shoe – an all upcycled denim shoe 
with clear Swarovski crystals on the toe.
$2.00 from every pair sold will go to the 
Make-A-Wish foundation.
I’m also trying to get my hands on some 
faded vintage pink satin (or other textile)
for a lace up, ballet slipper shoe. 
$2.00 from every pair sold

will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Putting this out there: 
If you have a faded or very faint pink (preferably vintage or antique) textile of some sort
that you are willing to part with, 
I’ll gladly pay you for it.
  In addition to the shoes,
I’m back into the DIY swing of things around the house 
(remember my To Do list?)
so I’ll be back to the usual this weekend
with a jewelry box turned night stand.
Also, the husband is getting my bead board
(and hopefully crown molding)
for the living room tomorrow.
If you’re facing the fireplace in this sketch, 
it’s going floor to ceiling on the wall to the right.
 FYI, the built-ins are now gone and the sofa faces the fireplace.
It’s a small room so I’m adjusting to that arrangement.
Which do you think?
Wide plank or narrow?
 I’m thinking wide because I want to run it
horizontally in another room to give the space
some cottage charm.
The narrow might look odd horizontally, no?
Oh, I don’t know.
What I do know
is that I invited 40 confirmed guests
into my 1550 sq. feet home on December 19th
for my first annual Christmas party
so I had better get movin’. 

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Also, Miss Mustard Seed’s outdated 1940s bathroom is a Top 10 finalist
for the True Value Design SOS contest.
I’d love it if you took two, quick clicks and voted for her bathroom here.
Thank you!
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  1. **Anne** says:

    I love those little baby shoes. They’re adorable. Where were you 20 years ago when I had babies? I would have bought them in a flash.
    I love your blog. :-)

  2. Those shoes are the most adorable little things! When I have a baby I will be ordering some for sure!!!

    I think the wide plank would look best if you are going to be using the same wood horizontally in a different spot, too.

    It will look lovely!

  3. i think the wide plank would be perfect! i love it.
    also, the shoes are adorable! how bout a muted red, and you could name it “dorothy”. you know, there’s no place like home. i also think some ballet pink would be really sweet and you could name them “anna” or some other ballerina name.

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  5. i think the wide plank would be perfect! i love it.
    also, the shoes are adorable! how bout a muted red, and you could name it “dorothy”. you know, there’s no place like home. i also think some ballet pink would be really sweet and you could name them “anna” or some other ballerina name.

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  7. mercedes says:

    The baby shoes are adorable! Can’t wait to see your revamped LR, I’m sure it will be fabulous!
    Hey, I have a 1940′s handmade very pale pink sheer fabric (looks like chiffon?? or cotton?) dress; I can send you some pics to see if it works. Not sure if you’re looking for satin… :) mercedes

  8. Jami, You’ve been so busy that I hadn’t gotten around to giving you the good news: My daughter IS pregnant–due in mid-June, 2011.

    I am hoping for a girl so I can buy BABY SHOES! See her IVF blog Steady As We Go for more information and her story.

  9. Your shoe designs are amazing. I think you are most definitely a fashion designer as well and could take this as far as your heart desires!

  10. Megan says:

    oh Jami! Your sweet little baby shoes make me wish for another baby… perhaps a girl baby this time. but- we are done. :( so I will look at the lovely shoes and buy some when one of my friends is lucky enough for a girl baby!! :)

    and yay for more DIY around the house… we have vacay next week, then T-day soon, my older son’s bday at the end of the month, then christmas… i think itll be a while before ANYTHING gets done at my house!

  11. What amazing shoes! Wish my girls were still babies! Hmm… maybe a baby gift for my cousin?

  12. I had so much fun reading about your visit to the shop. You know what’s funny? I’ve never met Kim! I just know her stuff. We always miss one another. Anyway, your shoes are just so darling, which is why I wanted to carry some. I must say, I am partial to the Marian shoes. Honestly, they are my favorite. :)

    As far as the bead board goes, I was leaning towards the narrow, traditional style, especially since it looks like it’s in a smaller space on either side of the fireplace, right? It will have much more impact than the wider style that might not be noticed behind furniture. And I actually like traditional bead board positioned horizontally, but that’s just me. I think either one is going to look great. :)

  13. Stephanie says:

    I chuckled when I saw he Marian shoes..hmmm who has a name like that? Let me think…Miss Mustard Seed of course, how fitting. There seems to be a niche for boys versions, after reading through your comments section. Better get that design board out, I am sure you can come up with some cuties for boys too. If you are going to go horizontal with the bead board, I would go the larger. I think the narrow is traditional and stunning in any space, but I think it might get too busy for the horizontal application.

  14. Chris says:

    The shoes are amazing. Why couldn’t you have made them when my daughter was in a size 2????

    Wide plank, definitely. Good luck with all the DIY. :)

  15. I wish I knew of a baby girl I could buy those shoes for! So darn cute!

    I vote for the wide plank. Is it not going on either side of the fireplace like in your drawing? You can really run either horizontally and it will look good. I have the narrow, vertically in my new half bath.

  16. gail myrepurposedlife.net says:

    the shoes are adorable! Oh my! so cute!
    I vote wide plank, it will look better horizontally.
    good luck with all the work and getting ready for the holidays

  17. Becky says:

    At first I thought wide plank but then I saw miss mustard seed put in her opinion and I think I would follow her advice :) And the marian shoe is the sweetest, so freckled laundry. I am going to check out your to do list, I love making lists but never seem to finish them… oh well.
    TTFN Becky

  18. Miranda says:

    Oh my word! I’m loving Marian the best myself too, though they are all darling! I sure hope you’re still making these in a couple of months when I find out if I’m having a boy or girl. If it’s a girly, I’m sure she’ll have a couple of Freckled Laundry shoes.

    And I like the wide planked beadboard :)

  19. Deb says:

    I vote for the wide plank but I think that either will look awesome!
    Love your sweet little baby shoes too, I’m sure they will sell well! ~Deb~

  20. julie says:

    Ok, where do I begin! Those SHOES! They are so so so cute! I really love the Marions; it makes me wish I had a girl! Do you ever do any boy designs?

    I like the wide plank as well. I think the narrow plank will look a bit too busy in the room. I’m attracted to the simplicity of the wide plank.

    And finally, have a fabulous Christmas party! Just let me know if you need any catering service. ;)

    Have a great day!

  21. love the maran & the ava! so precious!

  22. Those shoes are too adorable!! I love them all, and would like to say that one pair is my fave, but I love them all for different reasons!! The two projected pair sound adorable as well, and love that you are giving back, thata girl! Yes to the wide plank, based upon your plans to go sideways, plus Marian wouldn’t steer you wrong. Don’t forget to breathe!!

  23. First of all the shoes are so sweet. Secondly the detail in the narrow beadboard seems more defined and the wider board the groove seems less obvious…so do you want more or less of the wood look? I don’t think the narrow would close the room in, since it is small already it will just be more of a texture…I also tried to vote for Marion and at the end of the process they told me there was an error…geez.Anyone else have that problem?

  24. I ADORE the Marians too! Those are so sweet!

    I like the wide plank, I think.

  25. I am in LOVE with the Gracie shoe!! Do you make a woman’s size 7?? (kidding…) How ’bout baby size 4? Is that too big for your little sweeties??

    I can’t make up my mind about the bead board. I like the extra detailing of the narrow, but think the wide is pretty cool also….especially run horizontally.

  26. You are making me wish I had a wee baby girl to buy these for. They are great designs…keep up the good work : ) XOXO

  27. I love the Marian shoe! Too cute.

    The wide planking gets my vote.

    I am helping out a fellow blogger in need by hosting an online auction tomorrow. I would love for you to come by and take a peek and perhaps join in.

  28. Olive Cooper says:

    Darling baby shoes! I like the narrow beadboard. We have the original narrow kind in our old house but it is harder to paint. ♥O

  29. Lisa says:

    Jami, those little shoes are precious!! No wonder Miss Mustard Seed wanted them in her shop.

    I think I’m favoring the wide plank. It’s cottage, but with a more modern twist.

  30. Jami, Email me. I have some pale pink velour that you may want. :)

  31. Jenni says:

    Oh, those are ALL adorable, Jami! I think the Marian is my favorite, but the Ava is a close second. But then I love the bows on the Gracie pair! :)

    Now, about the wide plank versus bead board, I went through the same hard dilemma when we were doing our kitchen/dining room. I have seen both wide plank and narrow done both vertically AND horizontally, and surprisingly, it looked great either way. I think it would just depend on what else is going on in the room itself. Also, I think you will know right away whether your choice is working or not. I bought one package of wide plank and knew after putting it up on the side of one cabinet that it was not right…Tore it down, bought the narrow bead board, and that WAS the right choice! :)

    But you must be so excited about getting the bead board and moulding today! :) Are you installing it yourself?

    I hope you have a great day!

  32. Renze says:

    So sweet!!! So dear!! I love the last two especially.
    AS far as the beadboard; I personally love the narrow look, but that’s just my humble opinion since it’s all over my kitchen.

  33. Aubrey says:

    Those baby shoes are simply adorable- The Marian are my favorite! I think it is precious that you are making a contribution to the Make A Wish Foundation- What a perfect idea for this time of year.

  34. Completely cute shoes!! I would go for the narrow wood as it has more of an old-fashioned, sort of vintage feel….

  35. Love the shoes and the Marian is my fav, but the others are great too. Wish I had a little granddaughter to get them for..
    A couple things more: #1 You most definitely ARE a designer and should add that to your many roles.
    #2 I would have to buck the popular opinion and vote for the narrow beaded board. But whatever you choose it will most definitely look fabulous, I’ve no doubt of that.
    Thanks for the reminder to vote for MMS bathroom. I need to be prodded sometimes. The link worked perfectly for me :)

  36. Nutbird says:

    It depends on the dimensions of the slats. I think the narrow is more traditional. Horizontally I think it speaks to farmhouses and old cottages. The wider one might just look like white painted paneling from the fifties. Why don’t you just draw each kind on each side of the fireplace? If you don’t have white walls, spray paint a part and draw in on with a Sharpie. Ann

  37. Karen says:

    I love the Ava baby shoes…so cute and original.

    I like the wide paneling…I like the small bead board but believe it will look better for what you are trying to achieve to use the wide bead board.


  38. LOVE those cute little shoes. Way too cute and I vote for wide planks ;)

  39. Those shoes….there are no words!!! Perfect!!!
    I’d say wide-plank, I’m into it right now for some reason! ;-)

  40. Tracey says:

    Those shoes are adorable! My daughter used to dance for years and she just had a little girl, I would love to see the pink ballet slipper type shoe. Do you think you will have them in time for Christmas?

    Also, I would go with the wide bead board!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a new follower, I appreciate it!

  41. allison @ itstoilegood.blogspot.com says:

    your shoes are gorgeous! of course Miss Mustard Seed wouldn’t pass those up!

  42. Amber says:

    The baby shoes are a.dor.able. Maybe I will have a girl on the next round and then I can buy a pair!! All the best to you. You blog keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Love the new link party :)

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