Sparkle Sunday Party Favorites

Thank you so much to everyone that linked up your sparkle…
and those that came by to take a peek.
I thought I’d be the only one at the party.
{sigh of relief} 

I had 16 projects and inspirations to choose from
and although I’d love to choose all of them,
here are a handful of my favorites.
several furniture pieces in a lovely palette of metallics.
She is rockin’ this sparkly trend.
added some bling to her already gorgeous
handmade, felted wool acorns.
How adorable would a handful of these be in a glass bowl
or on a fireplace mantel?

The talented kim at Mojo Garden
made this beautiful Halloween Mum with tutorial.
So festive…and sparkly!
 Carey at With Joy created this fab glitter ball
centerpiece with some tulle and sparkle.
I am inspired to use white tulle and glitter
to create snow puffs for my holiday table scape.
She even gave us a tutorial, too.
Thanks again, everyone!

And, how happy I was this afternoon
to check the mail to find a package

I ordered the Meg necklace for my daughter, Edyn
and it’s absolutely sweet and perfect.
The monogrammed charms are so dainty…perfect for my little girl.

 …and apparently they taste good, too.
I couldn’t get a single photo of her without a couple of charms in her mouth!
Don’t forget,
Amber is offering my readers 15% off her beautiful designs
through October 15th!
Just enter the code FRECKLEDLAUNDRY at checkout.
Thank you, Amber!
As for the Sunday Sparkle party,
I had not planned on making it a weekly thing…
unless of course, you want me to.

Just let me know in the comments. 

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  1. Oh puleeez… ya have to do it again. Sunday Sparkle Party… I so want to link up! Think of all the glitter, glass & shiny things we can share… especially with the holidays approaching. I would have linked up as well, but I didn’t read the post until earlier today and by the time I got home to link… the party was over. : (

  2. Such pretty pretty projects.

  3. Megan says:

    oooh! i think a weekly (or monthly) sparkle party would be LOVELY!!!

  4. Edyn is too cute!! Monthly or bi-monthly is good too:)

  5. I agree with all the above. This would be a fun regular linkup, however often you choose. I didn’t get a chance to participate last time, but come the holidays, I’ll have plenty of sparkle to share.

  6. The Wool Acorn says:

    Oh Jami!!! Just saw this post… so happy to be a favorite… wildly exciting!!!!!!!! Thank you, xxx

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