Oona’s Bathroom Makeover {sigh}

My dear, long time blog friend, Lisa
happened to share her friend’s 
bathroom remodel with me.

Although Lisa didn’t share it
with the intent of me featuring it,
I thought it was too b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. not to share with you
so I begged for more pictures and details.

I am simply amazed with the transformation.

This is what Oona started with…

I don’t mind the shower door with the transom thing,
but agree that the rest needed to go.

Here is the breathtaking after…

Help! I need CPR. 

Can you believe that it’s the same bathroom?

Wall removal, which included a closet,
and the addition of the glass dividers
made such a difference and really opened things up.

Oona chose such lovely details for the space.

I am in love with those sconces and shades,
the sink console cabinetry, and accessories…

…not to mention the damask stenciling
of the entire bathroom.
 That labor of love was well worth it.
Oona and Lisa were kind enough to share
details of this space with you.

Here is what Oona wrote:
“I bought an allover patterned stencil 
called “Florentine Damask” from 
Royal Design Studio
 Having never used a stencil
before I found the “how to” section very helpful.

The paints I used were regular latex. 

I rolled the walls using a regular paint roller with a 1/4″ nap 
and used a small, foam roller when applying the 
stencil paint.

My colors were:

base paint: Ralph Lauren “Natural Canvas”
stencil paint: Ralph Lauren “Edwardian Linen”"
For the mirrored medicine cabinet above the sink,
Oona mounted the gold frame to the wall 
and just the mirror opens by pressure touch,
exposing the shelves inside. 
Adding the depth of the frame to the depth of the studs gave 
her enough room to recess it.

If you’re reading,

Thank you for sharing the details, Oona!
With a little help from her friend, Lisa,
she created one of the most divine
bathroom transformations I have ever seen.

Thank you Lisa for sharing
her bath with me to begin with. 

Oona doesn’t have a blog
so please take a second to thank her or
let her know what you think of her remodel below.

It seems Oona is a true DIYer. 
She even did all the contracting herself!

I’ll be back at a minute after midnight
with my new weekly link party… 

And thank you so much for your comments
and kind words, and waiting patiently
for me to return with a new project.

I feel guilty for abandoning my blog 
these past several days, but it had to be done.

Thanks for understanding.
(I just figured out how to add hearts to my posts…I’ll make you sick of them, soon.)

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  1. ~B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L~

  2. That is beautiful, and how laborious would those stencils be?? She gets an A from me, just for that. Add the rest and it’s an A+++++! Oh boy, hearts!LOL

  3. Beckie says:

    WOW! Just gorgeous! I don’t think I would ever leave my bathroom!

  4. kim c says:

    Looks like she’s got a great contractor. And that stencil work is truly a labor of love. It makes the bathroom light up. Wonderful.

  5. Megan says:

    I was going to comment on how much I loved the wallpaper… then you said it was a stencil! gorgeous!!!

  6. Andrea says:

    Gorg-eous!!! Love it….exactly my style. One for my inspiration pictures!

  7. krazgrl says:

    Congrats on your new bathroom Oona, it is certainly beautiful. And a labor of love it is on the stenciling. WOW!! I’ll bet you love using it as much as looking at it. We did a major bath rehaul one year ago and I love it every day I walk into it. aaaahhhhhh…..

  8. Lisa says:

    Thank you Jami for posting Oona’s bathroom. Definitely a post-worthy job. Just for the record, besides the stenciling, she did all the contracting work herself. She amazes me.

  9. Olive Cooper says:

    Oona, the stencil is lovely and well done. I would not have been brave enough to do such a large one! hugs♥olive

  10. Yipes!!!! That is truly amazing. I must stencil something, somewhere in my home :)

  11. Decorchick! says:

    Wow!! That is gorgeous!!! She did an outstanding job!!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Oona, you did an amazing job! I love all the soft calming colors you chose. This is such an elegant space now compared to before! It looks 10 times bigger. Great job! Thanks for sharing it with us all!

  13. Incredibly beautiful transformation, Oona! You are one talented gal! And you have a wonderful friend in Jami, too! She’s a sweetie, isn’t she?? :)

    Hey, Jami – so how DO you make those hearts? I’ve always wondered…..

    xoxo laurie

  14. Allison says:

    What a beautiful transformation! Oona did an amazing job. I love the damask wall and her soft and subtle colors she chose. Her bathroom is a little retreat space now. Lovely! I miss you, Jami! Hope your week is going well for you.

  15. Jen says:

    W-O-W, WOW! That is an incredible remodel. Thank you for sharing. I love it.

  16. Hi Jami, This is such an elegant and beautiful bathroom. The stenciled walls are gorgeous. Perfect!
    xo, Sherry

  17. Tina says:

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing transformation! The damask wall stencil is so beautiful!! What a clever friend you have!! I LOVE it ~ Tina x

  18. Tricia - A Rosy Note says:

    What a beautiful bathroom! I love the stencil…very pretty. L♥♥k Jami, I love make hearts too :)

  19. Sara Louise says:

    Amazing! The transformation is incredible! I’m feeling inspired to try out some stencils myself :-)

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