{Starfish} Giveaway Winners and 30 percent off!

Thank you so much to everyone
that entered the giveaway with your
thoughtful comments, posts, tweets, facebookin’,
or button sharing about Amber’s jewelry giveaway
on my little blog.
The hardest part of a giveaway
is choosing the winners.
I got bummed thinking of all of your kind comments,
knowing that only two would win.
 There were 141 entries.
142 – 1 “comment removed by author” = 141

The winners are:

#14 Erin at Like Grandma’s
(Now tell me that song didn’t just get stuck in your head.) 
I used random.org to ease the pain
but I can’t screen capture on this dinosaur
so you’ll have to take my word for it.
Congratulations, you lucky duckies!
Email me.
For those of you that didn’t win
and loved {Starfish} jewelry,
Amber is offering a fabulous
Early Bird Special…

30% off for 24 hours!
You can take 30% off any order until 6 am EST tomorrow (Thursday)
entering the code, EARLYBIRD at checkout (must be all caps).
…so get those birthday and Christmas lists out, ladies!
Heck, buy one for yourself, wrap it and put it under the tree,
and tell your husband or kids what they got you for Christmas.
{Maybe that’s just me.}
And, tell a friend.
I mean, 30% off 
will get you my Christmas present the precious Mia for $16.80!
When is the last time you found
a custom, handmade, sterling necklace for less than 20 beans?…
…in unbelievably delicious packaging.
(To see it, click here.)
The dainty Meg ($38) is only $26.60!
I’m getting this one for my baby Edyn.
The charms are about pea size.
What a darling first necklace.
It would make a lovely shower gift, too.

The sweet Laguna ($44)
(another comment favorite)
is only $30.80.

My vintage chic Betsy ($68) is only $47.60!
Thank you so much again, Amber
for the giveaway and a very cool discount.

(Those of you that sell handmade wares
know just how sweet a 30% discount is.)
(And yes, I love the word “sweet” as much as parentheses and these { } thingies.)
burn rubber and head over to 
for the loveliest jewelry ever…
…just don’t tackle the mail carrier when it arrives.
24 hours starts
If you want a chuckle, click here.
I sure hope I don’t sound like Crazy Eddie!
I have to stop writing after midnight.

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  1. Yay! I won!! I can’t believe I won!!!

  2. ~*~Oh bummer…was really wanting one..guess I will have to buy one anyhow! lol..thanks for letting us know about her site and necklaces!! Hugs,Rachel~**~ ;)

  3. kristin says:

    congrats to the winner, and wow! what a great discount! so great, in fact, i just bought both the meg and the betsey (couldn’t resist!) — thanks for passing on such a great discount/offer!

  4. Jenni says:

    Yea for Erin and Danielle! What a wonderful giveaway to win, too! :)

    I hope you are having a good week, Jami!

  5. Burlap Luxe says:

    congrats!! Erin and Danielle! what great little treasures to win. Sweet inspirations
    Keep inspiring us Jami.

    PS. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment left behind.

  6. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  7. julie says:

    Congratulations to the winners! You lucky ducks you!

    Jami, how did the birthday party go? Was the pinata a big hit? (no pun intended!)

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