I love sentimental…

I had originally planned to share
another pair of baby shoes
with you tonight…
It’s baby month, remember? 
…until I checked the mail
and opened this!

 There’s nothing sweeter than opening a package
with a perfect, little bow…
The navy and olive combo is divine, no?

 …except when it’s holds this.

My {Starfish} “Betsy” necklace is here!…

…in another beautiful “wrapper” on the inside.
Okay. I am officially in love with the chocolate, olive, navy combination and
I’m SO working navy into my Fall decor this season.
Thanks for the unintentional inspiration, Amber!
How sweet is she,

vintage chic, petite, and adorned with
my children’s first initials?
Yeah. I teared up when I saw it.

It’s not too big, not too small and the darkened finish
  on the key is darling.

For someone that doesn’t wear a ton of jewelry,
it makes a noticeable and beautiful statement without being overpowering or gaudy.

It is officially my favorite necklace that I own.
And I’m not just saying that to be nice.

I just love sentimental…

…and cherish anything that reminds me of my babies.

The quality and artistry
of this piece are unbelievable.

I wish you could hold it in your hands.

maybe you can.

Just enter my
{Starfish} custom handmade jewelry giveaway
for your chance to win a necklace
of your choice.

Two winners will be chosen!
Giveaway entry ends Tuesday at midnight.
And yes, Amber at {Starfish} is getting star treatment on my blog
with another post because my necklace is so worth it 
AND I think she’s the nicest thing
for sponsoring a giveaway on my lil’ blog,
giving you all a chance to win two of her gorgeous necklaces,
AND a 15% discount code.

I like nice.

I love her jewelry.
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  1. ~*~*LOVE it Jami!!! Hope I win won..fingers crossed!! ;)~*~* Hugs,Rachel~*~*

  2. ~*~* oops!!! I meant one not won!!lol~*

  3. How sweet! She does have beautiful designs:)

  4. That is a completely gorgeous necklace, Jami.

    You will be a Vintage cool Mummy wearing that (not that you aren’t already ;-))!


  5. Nancy says:

    I would love to win one! and love her site. Almost as much as I love yours :D

  6. Jen says:

    It really is beautiful. Antique keys are a favorite thing anyway, but to have a lovely little thing to always remind you of your loved ones… what a neat idea! I need to go check out her site.

  7. So beautiful, just like you and your kids!

  8. Holly says:

    Beautiful…love the design and the keys.

  9. julie says:

    Jami, that is, of course super cute!! Are you getting excited for her birthday? First birthdays are always so much fun!

  10. Crystal says:

    I tweeted! @oneandonlycp

  11. Crystal says:

    I am now a follower!

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