Handmade baby shoes and the ol’ soapbox

Believe it or not,

freckled laundry was originally dreamt up
and inspired by these sweet baby shoes.
{This particular style is a freckled and white cotton, ballerina lace up, with suede soles.}
In an upcoming {guest} post,
I’ll share why my blog has evolved 
into more vintage home than baby,
but for now, I just want to share the shoes…
For the love of my baby girl
and all things vintage {style} and handmade,
I began making baby shoes and clothes 
when Edyn Grace was born.

 {Warning: brief soapbox moment ahead}

Sadly, it seems that all I can find locally, 
 are bedazzled booty pants with “Princess” written on the butts 
or leather mini skirts with skulls.

(And no, I do not live in the Red Light District.)


If you’ve been shopping for a baby lately, you know what I mean. 

Not exactly my cup of tea but to each her own. 

As for me, I’ll save the emo look for when Edyn is actually a teenager.
I’ve been there myself. Depeche Mode and all. And, I can wait.

I think baby clothes {especially shoes} 
should be made with
(Call me old-fashioned but stiff, scratchy clothes are for church, right?)

breathable fabrics,
 sometimes with a little fluff, foof, and sparkle.

{…and a cute pair of blue jeans just like her mama.}
Who doesn’t love little baby tushies in blue jeans and overalls? 

Yummy like apple pie.


  I’ll be adding these shoes to my shop this week,
and sharing two other styles.
if you know a baby girl who would look adorable 
in my handmade shoes, just click the handmade wares tab
and email me. They would make a great shower gift.

The freckled and white ballerina lace up
is also perfect for vintage vignettes, hanging from a hook,
an old hanger, or resting on a shelf.
(That’s what I’ve done with a pair of Edyn’s old ones.) 

Here is where I need your help.

{Welcome to the freckled focus group.}

Is it normal to feel nervous? 
I just adore the shoes but always get so nervous to add something to my shop
because I put my heart into the things I make, especially baby things, 
fussing over every little detail.
I’m a bit afraid that someone will buy them and dislike them 
once they have them in their hands.
Is that normal? Any Etsy sellers in the house?
(I’m adding them regardless…just curious.)

What do you think is a reasonable price?
What would you be willing to pay for them?
And, if you’re interested in a pair, don’t say a dollar. haha!
I was thinking $27 – $34 considering time, materials and packaging.

Do you like the photography?
I changed things up from the usual
and played around with the saturation and contrast 
to give the photos a bit more vintage style.
I love them but do they look too dirty?
I intended to take more photographs to show the lace up,
but it was so difficult with a curious, moving target.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Always do.

And, it isn’t that I lack confidence.
I just think that twenty heads are better than one
and I value your honest opinions.  

And, if you read this far, 
click here to put your name in the hat

for an awesome {Starfish} custom jewelry giveaway.
Trust me. You don’t want to miss this one.


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  1. OMG! Those are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen… sadly my baby girl is now 20 :(


  2. Miranda says:

    Those shoes are gorgeous!!! I love them. I just found out I’m pregnant with #5 and I am so hoping for a girl this time. These will be a must have for me if it happens to be a little miss.

    I love your photographs and the style of your blog.

  3. Pamela says:

    I think the shoes are priceless. If i had a baby girl i would buy them in a heartbeat and yes i would pay that price. You have great talent. I so agree with you on your taste for baby girl clothes. I love what your Edyn is wearing in the photo. I always dressed my son in the best stuff…still do!
    As for the princess on the butts or mini skulls (even for boys i hate this)what are they thinking?

  4. Megan says:

    I think its all perfect! and the price is very reasonable. now I need a little girl… too bad we are done! the 2 boys are plenty!

  5. Kristin says:

    oh i’m thinking i need another little one just so she can can have a pair of those shoes!! ;0)
    ugh…the ugly self doubting…i am the worst!! i don’t think you have one thing to worry about, what i’ve seen of your goods a person wouldn’t be in their right mind if they didn’t like what you created!!
    go for it…you will never know if you don’t put yourself out there!! :0)


    btw~ *LOVE* the photos…simply stunning!!

  6. Nancy says:

    Love the shoes! As a new grandmother, my daughters and I have been so disappointed in the shoes and clothing :( We’ve taken to making much of it, but I love the slippers. Look forward to finding them on your Etsy shop. I need a size 3. Hope you have them in this size!

  7. Allison says:

    Those are the most precious shoes I have ever seen! Adorable! They are just beautiful, Jami. I can tell that a lot of time, talent and love went into those. The pricing you are considering sounds perfect. Your photography is stunning. I will keep these in mind for a shower gift. How lovely it would be to receive a pair of beautiful handmade baby shoes. I might get a pair myself to hang off the post on the guest bed. They’d be beautiful that way. Your pink and white toile ones are precious, as well. What a cute photo of your daughter. What a sweet post today!

  8. Tricia - A Rosy Note says:

    Those shoes are sooo adorable! I’m not sure about a price…are the soles suede? You have to consider your time and materials. And by the way your photography looks really nice too :)

  9. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! I love my teen-aged boys, but if I had had a little girl, I would have snatched those shoes up in a heartbeat! I would def. pay $27 for the shoes, probably a little more. They clearly take time! Love, love, love the photos, too. I have a photo of my great-grandmother that is similar…long white dress, little shoes, in the garden…even the white gate. I love it all–best of luck!

  10. JANE says:

    Jami, they are the cutest little shoes. Just adorable, you talented thing. I’m sure they will be a big hit. I completely agree about the terrible clothes on offer for littlies – I posted about that today. I’m old-fashioned like you. J x

  11. Anji Johnston says:

    The shoes, the pics, the price, the…all spot on! These are the most adorable shoes I have ever seen. I wish I could buy a pair for my boy. Do you make them in a man size 10? For a twenty year old? Maybe not. Seriously, I know what you mean when you say the thought of someone buying and then disregarding – oh, puts shivers up my spine. Everyone of my pieces of art are like little babies to me, so hard to part with. But fortunately Etsy buyers are a lot like us – they shop there because they appreciate what goes into a handmade product. Your sales will hit the roof with these so you’d better get mass producing!

  12. I do know what you mean about the clothes that is being made for babies. It’s a shame that no one is relly making clothes that are really suited for them, but these shoes are the sweetest

  13. Teresa says:

    You are sooo sweet! Yes, yes, yes, the shoes are worth the price you are asking. The higher end. They are something that can be handed down with your children along with those special dresses and christening gowns.
    I also like the look of your photos and the vintage look.
    Take care and see you soon,

    Always, Teresa

  14. Catherine says:

    Jami – you are one clever chickie!

    Will you post to Australia! :-) Can you make some for me? I can just picture them with jeans…and yes, I mean me, not Boo! LOL

    I SO hear what you are saying about how hard it is to find gorgeous sweet, innocent, clothes for girls – I just don’t understand the need to dress babies up beyond their years (is there room up there next to you on that thar soapbox!?)

    The imagery – delightful! The upper end price – absolutely reasonable. Consider your time, the cost of the materials and frankly, the fact they were made with love and would be kept! Devine!



  15. Before you even asked, I thought $28, don’t know why, it is just is. I love how your pictures look, they are current but with that feel of when I was a kid, does that make sense? Anyhoo,as to the self doubt, I’ll tell you what I say. As long as I do my best each and every time, I am doing great. I am the one that has to look myself in the mirror at the end of the day, and I want to know I tried my best everytime. ‘Course, mine is in reguards to massage therapy, but what the heck, I think it’s interchangeable! :)

  16. The shoes are absolutely adorable! Making items by hand is so wonderful and there are a lot of people out there that can’t do this kind of thing for one reason or another. But you are right, it is hard to price these things. All the time, material and love that goes into hand made items just can’t be accurately priced. But, pricing can make or break the sale. There seems to be magical numbers. Numbers that look and feel right to the customer. And I must agree with Erin@likegranmas, $28 is a good fit for the little shoes. (I think the shoes are worth more, but, if you want them to sell…) Good luck and enjoy making the little shoes, you may be making quite a few more than you expected! ;-)

  17. Carrie @ Dittle Dattle says:

    OMG! I didn’t even know you could make such a thing! And how clever, seeing how they grow out of them so fast :D

  18. Okay, I’m not so good at pricing either…so I can’t help you there, although your range seems fair to me. But I had to tell you how much I LOVE those shoes, and I agree with you on the rhinestones and skulls thing. LOL! (Oh, and I ADORE the name Edyn…if I had another girl, that was on the top of my list…no more babies now though.) ;-)

  19. Love the shoes! My granddaughter was a year old in July and has big feet so I don’t know if those will fit–she’s a 5. Somewhere around $30 is a great price. I definitely agree on the quality of the baby girl clothes in the average store these days. My son and daughter-in-law didn’t want a ton of pink for the babe…it was nearly impossible to find anything but pink and frilly. And the “mini teenager” styles: GAAACK!!

  20. Those are beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous. But the price is too high for me. It’s probably fair, for the work and material and whatnot, like you said, but I just don’t spend $30 on a pair of baby shoes. I’m too cheap, I mean, thrifty. :)

  21. northern cottage says:

    oh my goodness – talk about darling! Cutest EVER!

  22. Linden Townhouse says:

    I think that your price is very fair for quality, handmade shoes. You don’t want to start too low and undersell your craftsmanship! I certainly know what you mean about children’s clothing today. So much of it is just plain ugh! When my two daughters were young, I sewed a lot for them–classic, simple designs. I made what I could not find!

  23. Renze says:

    LOVE the shoes, love the photography, love the price.
    I know what you mean about putting things on Etsy. I put my heart and soul into my products and then I, too, wonder if someone will dislike a product once they get it in their hands. The best is when I read great feedback…it makes my day, my week, my month! Unfortunately, many people don’t leave feedback which makes me wonder, “do they dislike it?” I know where you’re coming from and I think it’s normal…well, I hope it is!

  24. Nutbird says:

    Love the little shoes, have no clue on the price, but would you rather sell 50 at $26 or $28 or 25 at $34? That is a price elasticity curve. Just wanted to tell you that I am working on a zinc table. I am probably going to have trouble with the colors, because in the middle of nowhere where I am now, we can’t get that brand of paint. But I’ll figure it out. Anthropologie just had a bronze colored dresser and nightstand in their catalog. They called it copper, but it wasn’t very orange or pink. Can you figure out how to do that also? You are the best. How do you manage with babies? Ann

  25. Jenni says:

    Be still my soul, those are such sweet little shoes! I think the price range you mentioned is completely fair, and toward the higher end of it. These are not Target shoes. Nothing against Target shoes, but yours are special, and you can just tell that a whole lot of time and love was put into them…Boy do I wish I had (or even knew!) a little girl to buy these for! :)

    Oh, and the pictures are amazing. My favorite is the close up of your daughter’s feet in the leaves…so sweet! :)

  26. MmeZodiac says:

    Of course I do love roses so must say I like the Nancy Jo necklace, but the real reason is because my name is Nancy (no Jo tho). Love the key with the heart shaped top too. It’s all really very beautiful. Nice to have dog tags for the kids that don’t involve military. When my great niece was 6 she visited me here in CA from FL, and was too little to memorize my phone number. I knew I wouldn’t lose her, but still got her dog tags with my name/number on one side her FL mother’s info on other. Not nearly as pretty as yours tho! Bet people would order them with numbers on so if a kid’s lost, they have number. Like microchipping a pet!

  27. Mzzterry says:

    This is my first visit. Everything is perfect, but my soon to be delivered grandSON would look funny in girls shoes! I would so buy them if they were for a boy, or if he were a she…..you know what I mean! ;)

  28. Roseanna says:

    I went clothes shopping with my daughter for my granddaughter who is seven. If you think the baby clothes are outrageous, you should see what they have available in older girls sizes. Teen idol stuff everywhere, when did we stop protecting our babies? What are they thinking, indeed!

  29. julie says:

    I LOVE those shoes and definitely think you listed a fair price. I’m certain they will disappear quickly! It makes me sad (if only for a moment) that I don’t have a girl to put them on. I need to check out your store, do you have anything that adorable for little boys?

  30. Jami, these little shoes are tiny bits of heaven!! You’ve done an amazing job and I so understand where you’re coming from. I feel the same about my jewelry. a tad nervous that someone might not like it once they’ve purchased it. But designing and constructing are all part of the game. Spending several hours putting something together is worth every penny. Thanks so much for linking up today. Your little gal is such a sweetheart!

  31. Holly says:

    Those shoes are adorable. My friends own the cutest baby boutique in town and they would sell those for $40 at their store.

    I agree with you and the clothing…it is awful. So much has ridiculous saying on it and it trashy looking. My friend owns a children’s dress line and I by all of my special occasion dress from her – her emphasis is on keeping kids looking like kids, made in the usa, great quality.

  32. Thank you so much for your sweet words and feedback, everyone!

    Ann (aka Nutbird) – Good luck with your zinc dresser. I would love to see it sometime. You always say such lovely things but I don’t have an email for you to respond. Hopefully, you’ll read the comments. I saw the “copper” Anthropologie dresser online and it is stunning. I will definitely try that technique for you as soon as I find the right piece. Thanks for asking. ;)

  33. Stotz says:

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