Blossoming Visions on a Saturday Night

This week, I was so happy to receive
 from my friend, Natalie at

Blossoming Visions
  Natalie was one of my very first followers
and her friendship means so much to me.
She is one of the sweetest bloggers out there
and her blog is beautiful.
She puts together daily posts, 
that are so inspiring and
filled with elegant photographs that she
finds along her travels around the www.
And, you get to look at it all while listening
to a great song list. 
I am constantly scrolling down to the bottom to see who it is that I’m listening to.
Natalie created this award herself
and I’m flattered to have received it. 
(Just don’t take it back if you ever taste my cooking.)
Thank you so much, Natalie!

The rules are as follows:

1. Link back to the blogger who awarded you and don’t forget to thank them!
2. Pay it forward to 5 deserving bloggers for their expertise on turning 
their homes, furniture, decor, etc. into masterpieces.
3. Answer these 5 questions about yourself:

~If you could befriend a famous person, who would it be?
I know I should be choosing the President or some deserving humanitarian, but I’m going with Robert Pattinson on this one.
and why?
Why not?

~What sounds make you happy?
Babies laughing, my son giggling, ocean waves,
thunderstorms, and bubble wrap popping. 

~What is your favorite dessert?
Good, old-fashioned, warm Apple Pie a la mode

~Which holiday do you look forward to the most?
I love the snow, the snuggly sweaters, the Christmas carols, 
family traditions, the comforting meals, and watching the look
on Jaden’s face Christmas morning. 
This year, I get to see more eyes twinkle with the twins!

~What is your all-time favorite movie?
I have two:
The Notebook
The Lost Boys 


Let’s get this ball rolling…

1. French at Heart – Rachel is a new blogger on the scene and her love of white and vintage tickles my fancy.
2. An Angel at My Table – Mari is a Swedish blogger and let’s face it, Swedish bloggers take the cake when it comes to white, vintage chic homes. Her home and photography will truly floor you.

3. Blue Clear Sky – Elizabeth is a Jill of all trades with a beautiful collection of mason jars that she uniquely displays throughout her home. Head on over…She’s hosting a giveaway for some beautiful dish cloths that she crocheted herself. I’m telling you, she does everything!

4. Cottage Elements – I recently discovered Lanette’s blog and it is…cool. Her button says it all.

5. Cozy Little House – The best part about blogging isn’t the beautiful homes and projects that you come across, it’s the beautiful people. Brenda at Cozy Little House is just a really good soul. Not only does she share her lovely home on her blog but every week she takes time to introduce new blogs and make them smile with her Welcome Wagon. Stop by and feel right at home.

Thank you again, Natalie!
And…thank you, Megan at
A Little Knick Knack
for the $20 Target Gift Card!
Thank you, Stephanie Lynn
for featuring my antique crate.
Thank you, Erin at Like Grandmas 
for supporting me with the DIY Club
(and anyone else that voted or posted about it)!
I hope you all know that I write these posts only to show my gratitude. 
They are not at all meant to brag. I get so uncomfortable posting them 
but please know that I’m just very grateful…and humble!
I’m a little fish in a big pond of amazing talent and I get a little happy when someone gives me a worm.
Okay. That was Swiss cheesy.

 Have a great weekend!

I’m finishing my Living Room sketch and will be sharing that and some other plans with you tomorrow! 
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  1. ~*~*THANK YOU so much Jami!! You made my day~*~So kind of you to give me such a sweet little award~*~* ;) Rachel ~*~*

  2. Oh my goodness! How genuinely sweet are you!! I don’t think there is a more gracious person that I’ve come into contact with. I am so humbled by your loving post. I’m sending tons of hugs your way Jami! You are a peach!

  3. Oh and in regards to Edward (aka Robert Pattison)…mmm…yah…love it! I’m still team Jacob though : P

  4. Megan says:


  5. Thank you, sweet girl…

  6. Pamela says:

    Well deserved award!
    Pamela xo

  7. julie says:

    Congrats on a much deserved award! I’m looking forward to checking out the blogs you passed it on to. Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Girl, now I know why I like you! Apple pie a la mode, the Lost Boys, Christmas, giggling, waves, and then I see you thanked me, jeesh, you made my day:D I really believe in your talent and know that you are doing something important with your blog, and too, know this will only grow and prosper for you. You are a gem :)

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