Peeking in Nancy Fishelson’s Windows

Let me get right to the point

I’m convinced that
Nancy Fishelson and I
are sisters, separated at birth.

(…and she just happens to be a redhead.)

There is no other explanation
as to how she manages to create spaces
that I have seriously dreamt of…
or wanted to dream about for that matter. 
When I stumbled upon Nancy’s
simple, breathtaking, vintage style,
it was love at first sight. 

While strolling through blog land a few months back,
I tripped over this photo of an antique rocking horse.

 This little steed led me straight to Nancy’s website,
which led to me to Country Living 
where she’s been featured a whole bunch’a times.

Here’s what I found. 
(Put your mojito down first or you will choke on it…at least I did.)


 Pure, creamy, vintage style, 
surrounded by planked wood.
I don’t have an old rocker with vintage linens
sitting directly in front of my dishwasher,
but I’m seriously thinking about it.

 Nancy makes white work with accents of gray
in the fireplace surround, wood bin, and rug.

Beautiful simplicity and more gray wood.

I l.o.v.e. the neutral pallet 
with a tiny hint of 
sunny yellow in the throw.
(…and check out those corbels in the foreground.)

That bird house is prettier than my actual house.
Again, Nancy makes white wor
with interesting antiques and vintage linens
…and great floors
…and many 12 over 9 windows.

Oh, how I want to sit on that linen sofa
and enjoy that brunch.
Just look at the patina on that table!

Nancy told Country Living that she hops
out of a hot bath right into bed.
Uh. Seriously? 

I think she designed this bathroom for heaven.

I adore these concrete countertops.
(I plan on doing a DIY version on one small section of countertop 
when I tackle my kitchen overhaul. I love the look and the durability.) 
The gray finish chairs and base
with a rich, walnut table top is are beautiful.
Chunky barn beams and a splash of green.
 Antique oval mirror tucked between window frames.
It’s like she knows how much I adore bird houses.
(Speaking of bird houses…I’ll be sharing my latest find next week.)
Another darling table. 
Whitewashed, chippy paint and all. 
This space is so inspiring.
The french gray blue cabinet leaves me speechless.
(My favorite color…ever.)
Vintage bottles make beautiful vases.
Vintage linens neatly stacked in an old chippy cabinet
with another bird house on top.
Pure freckled laundry bliss.
Nancy finds the best antiques & vintage signage, no?
I seriously need to bring her to an auction with me for luck.
Most people bring their rabbit’s foot…Jami brings her Nancy Fishelson. 
An old iron bed and weathered chest
create a space that I would never leave.
Nancy Fishelson proves that beauty lies 
in both simplicity and careful details. 

I hope you find her work as inspiring as I do. 

I’m off to get some sleep 

so that I’m well rested to tackle babies
and another home project in the morning…

… because Nancy’s birds are apparently living better than I am at the moment. 


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  1. vintage girl at heart says:

    oh yes yes…love her style..think she’ll let us move right in??? you know… y’all being sisters and all….

  2. Ooooo…it’s all so beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of these images in Country Living, but it’s such a treat to see them all together. We are definitely on the same love train.

  3. Katie says:

    Those are so beautiful. I love her style, thanks for introducing me. :)

    I’m a new follower from New Friend Friday.

  4. Catherine says:

    Yes, yes, yes!! I SO agree with you! Looking at her home is like taking a peak at heaven on earth.

    Thanks too for stopping by for a visit! I will be popping by often with my coffee ;-)


  5. Karajeanne says:

    Aaaah! Is it weird that it’s relaxing to look at photos of beautiful interiors like that? There should be a name for it, whether it’s a sickness or a gift to be able to derive pleasure from it…who cares, that woman’s style is gorgeous. I think you’ve got more than a few women after your own heart…makes me want to go make some homemade iced tea! Just stumbled upon your site, and love it…following

  6. Mary says:

    Hi Jami!
    I stumbled across your blog recently and LOOOVE it! :) I just HAD to comment on this post because I have LONG admired Nancy’s home, too! I hoard pictures of it in my inspiration binder! lol Seriously.
    This must mean that we, in fact, are triplets, separated at birth, as I too, am a redhead and swoon over the same design elements as you!
    Thanks for your great inspiration and humor. I literally almost peed a little when I read that “Jami takes her Nancy Fishelson with her to auctions”!!! HAHAHAHA! I think I woke up the whole house when I burst out laughing in the wee hours of the morning.
    Blessings! xoxoxo

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