Lauren Ross

I have a serious weakness for slipcovers. 
Creamy, white, crisp slipcovers.
I discovered these little pearls 
while peeking in Lauren Ross’s windows.
Photos courtesy of Country Living
I adore the extra long ties wrapped around the legs like ballet slippers. So feminine and pretty, huh?
 Loving the tailored box pleats and cute little ties.
 Again with the pleats and ties!
I think I’ll make these for my dining chairs. 
Easy enough, right?  [sarcasm font]
I just want to reach into the photo and touch that fabric. [freak font] 

 Tufted rosettes and burlap.
I have officially embarked on Mission-Find-a-Friggin’-Footstool. 
I see a junk sale or two in Friday’s future.

 Slipcovered sink!
And despite the risk of electrical shock, 
a chic little lamp where the soap should be.

These whimsical, ruffled slips would be right at home in a white, wainscotted room with a weathered, vintage, blue-gray armoire, galvanized steel light fixtures, a sisal rug, some burlap pillows, 
and me.

Lovely, Lauren! 

I have these slipcovers in my own home at the moment 
and am inspired to add a little something to them. 
They are affordable, stylish alternatives if 
you don’t want to pay the custom price tag.

Ballard Design’s Parsons Slipcover in Natural

I’m thinking of attaching some jute trim or a linen ruffle
around the bottom hem for a little texture.
They wash like a dream, too.

Ballard Design’s Vintage Vogue Twin Sleeper Slipcover 
in Quilted White. 

I love this one just the way it is but will be making some new, burlap or grain sack pillows on the cheap (neutral slipcovers are versatile in that regard) when I redesign the family room.

And you’re probably thinking, 
“She said what?! A white slipcover in the family room?” 

Despite the don’t-you-dare-sit-on-me appearance of white slipcovers, I actually prefer them. 
You can’t throw an upholstered sofa in the wash 
when you discover a Cheetos hand print. 
I wash them every 2 weeks with a dash of 

 and they’re as good as new 
(and I know they’re clean because white doesn’t hide a thing). 

It’s funny how the slipcovers manage to get washed on schedule but finding a clean pair of socks is sometimes a challenge.
Laundry is not my thing. 
Actually, creepy basements aren’t my thing.

Despite an obsessive compulsive ironing disorder,
 I do not iron the slipcovers [anymore] either. I just put them back on and any wrinkles will fall out in a day or so.

Now, I also own these slipcovers and although Pottery Barn 
got the style right, sadly, the durability is wrong. 

Pretty. But wrong.

PB Loose-Fit Performance Twill Slipcover in Natural

I love the simplicity of this slipcover.
It doesn’t wrinkle and can handle the wash but does not 
come clean despite being “Peformance” twill. 
I still frustratingly use it simply because it wasn’t cheap
(and I can’t afford to buy another now that I stay at home 
with my babes; a worthwhile sacrifice).

I also have the PB Solid Twill Loose-Fit Slipcover in Natural 
but it’s wadded up in a ball in my basement. 
That’s how I took it out of my dryer, and that’s how it stayed.
It is impossible to get the wrinkles out despite my attempts with an old-fashioned iron and a new-fashioned steamer.

Maybe with one of those fancy, high-performance
washing machines and steam dryers, 
you’ll have better luck with a Pottery Barn slipcover. 

 Time, patience, and line drying might also work.
Dry cleaning might, too.
Not having messy children…is out of the question.

And, Pottery Barn, if you’re listening,
please use a different fabric 
(and lower the price to darn near free) 
because I love this new(er) addition to your catalog.

 Yep. Box pleats. 

Now enough of this talk. I’m about to slipcover a twin. 

(Be sure to come by Friday for a sneak peek at my hallway redo!)

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  1. Lisa says:

    Nice post.

    For your slipcover that doesn’t wrinkle, but won’t come clean…have you tried soaking it in non-chlorine bleach like Oxy-Clean for 30 to 60 minutes first? It really worked for me on some old tablecloths I bought.

  2. Thanks so much for your compliment. As a rookie blogger, it makes me so happy!

    I have not tried soaking the slipcover in Oxy-Clean but you can bet I’ll run out tomorrow morning and get some. If it works, I’ll update my post and be sure to thank you. If you have a blog (it didn’t link me to one when I clicked your name), let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due. Thanks so much for the tip. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Joanne says:


    Love your blog and have subscribed! I make fit-like-a-glove slipcovers and have a tip for your slipcover problem…when you dry it, don’t dry it all the way. Leave it damp and then put it on your piece of furniture to dry the rest of the way. That should minimize the wrinkles.


  4. Have you tried soaking it again and tumble drying itagain? That sometimes works for me….

  5. Jill Elaine says:

    Thanks for sending me the link to this post! those are some beautiful photos. slip covers are SO easy to make – especially with Miss Mustard Seeds tutorials.
    And I’m with you all the way on white slip covers. So easy to clean. Mine are made from drop cloths so they are not white white but close enough!

  6. Summer Dollar says:

    Hi Lauren!

    I am just wondering if you sell your ruffled slipcover lampshades.

    Thanks so much!


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